New Ceramics Session: Adventure in Sustainable Ideas and Forms

Join Cristian Koshock, head of the Armstrong Highschool Art Department for another session of Ceramics at Createspace!

Thursday April 7th is one of the first days. We do accept drop-ins as well!

To sign up please email Cristian at

Classes  meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. (Pick one or double up). Still Friends & Family priced at $10/Individual or $20/Family, per class, there is a one-time materials fee of $25 to cover most supplies.

Ages: 8 years and up (younger students may attend but will be provided assistance from one of our assistants teachers, or an older sibling or parent)

Here is a message from Cristian:

Greetings All !!
With one series down in the new space, we are now primed for our next class: A Ceramic Adventure in Sustainable ideas and Forms!
Start by brainstorming a needs assessment and put on your DIY cap to craft outcomes that work clay into the solutions. Projects will range from personal to localized, and will be augmented by research and supplemental testing trails (so bring your Civic engineer and Science caps, too). Individual and group projects will round out the experience as participants engage the process of hand building with clay to address beautification, recreational and environmental needs. Additional kit information and project supply lists will be a available for further work on projects, in the “field.” RVACreateSpace is located on the Northside of Richmond, at 607 Wickham Street. Spring is here and our imaginations are just sprouting with new ideas for creative clay work!! Partial Scholarships may be available. Hope to see you in class!! Contact me here to reserve your space or with other questions, or write to: