Solar & Off-Grid Circuits (Basic) Workshop

Lets get that nucleaur fission reactor in the sky working for us generating clean solar energy!

Get hands on experience and learn about real world applications of basic off-grid solar power systems:

– Powering small electronics in remote areas
– USB solar charging
– Solar water pumps & irrigation for gardening
– Efficient solar home lighting
– Metering and testing photovoltaic circuits

– AC vs DC Power
– Basic calculations using Watts, Amps, Volts and Hours
– Calculating Loads
– Series vs Parallel
– Panel & Battery Selection

We will be building, and testing a variety of solar circuits from the micro scale to full sized off-grid systems.

Donations will be accepted and go towards hosting future workshops and our partners at Homeless EcoVille who are constructing low-cost tiny-houses utilizing solar power to provide a sustainable housing community for the homeless.

To find out more about their project check out the video
and consider donating to their fundraising campaign with a note about this workshop: