Open Food Make

Sat. Oct 15th @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

| donation

Our Fall garden is going strong, but we have a ton of fresh basil to harvest from our Summer garden!

Lets think of all the basil recipes we could make!: Pesto & Crackers, Caprese Salad and Homemade pesto pasta to name a few.

We will start the workshop at 11 AM after everyone has had some breakfast at home with harvesting, washing and prepping.

Then we will process, cook and set some plates and lastly of course..


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This is going to be a relaxed community food making day. Not a professional culinary class by any means, but we do have some extremely talented chefs that will be most likely helping out, sharing tips and recipes!

If you have anything you want to bring to help support Open Food Make we will accept donations, simple recipe ideas, or ingredients (e.g. cheese, crackers, pine-nuts)!