Native Plant Sale

Enhance the beauty of your landscape, improve your local ecosystem, and benefit local non-profit organizations in Richmond all at the same time. Fall is the perfect time to plant perennial wildflowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs!

50% of the proceeds will be donated to further the missions of Richmond Food Not Bombs and Createspace.

Why native plants? Native plants support a healthy food web, promote biodiversity, and improve local water quality. Non-native plants simply do not provide the same level of ecological services. And non-native invasive plants do a great deal of harm.

The Native Plants are provided by Reedy Creek Environmental, a small local business devoted to ecological restoration. Most plants are propagated from seed responsibly collected from wild, healthy, local populations. Unlike the cultivars typically sold at large nurseries, these native plants are genetically adapted to our local conditions and belong here.

The Plant Sale will be held directly after a Conservation Landscaping Workshop

Information about the plants that will be available as well as links to further resources

Slideshow of the available plants for sale