Intermediate Digital Photography

|| Tuesday – July 26th – 5:30 PM || Donation based

In this digital photography class we will learn about a great intermediate technique–typically for landscape photography– known as exposure blending. This allows a photographer to capture details in the sky and blend them with shadows in the foreground without overexposed (white) or underexposed areas (dark).

The class will have an outdoor shooting section and an indoor photo processing section.


•  Finding a good scene

• Practice framing a shot

• Deploying a tripod

• Exposure Bracketing


• Loading photos into Photoshop

• Working with layers

• Manual exposure blending
What we provide:

– Computers with Photoshop
– Digital camera
– Tripod

What you can but are not required to bring:

– Digital Camera

– Tripod

– Laptop with photoshop

This is a great article that talks about blending and the difference between blending and HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography)