Conservation Landscaping Workshop

Saturday, September 23 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Createspace (607 Wickham Street)

Come and learn what you can do to make your landscape more sustainable and wildlife-friendly. Topics will include:
– Native plants and their vital role in healthy ecosystems
– Native plants of local ecotype vs. cultivars
– Conservation landscapes can serve many purposes (wildlife habitat, ease of maintenance, improved water quality, aesthetics, carbon storage, saving money, etc.)
– Conservation landscapes are flexible (size, soil and light conditions, plant types, formal vs. informal, etc.)
– Invasive plants – the flip side of conservation landscaping
– Selecting a site for conservation landscaping
– Site preparation to ensure success and minimize maintenance
– Resources to select the native plants that will work for your purposes
– Establishment and maintenance of a successful conservation landscape: PATIENCE
– Grant money available for conservation landscaping

This workshop includes a “field” component in which participants will learn proper planting techniques and how to identify and remove common invasive plants. Come prepared to get dirty.

Advanced Registration is required. Class size is limited to 12. (Please register here link.)

The $10 registration fee includes a complimentary native plant from Reedy Creek Environmental.

Reserve Class Here:

About the Teacher:
Bill Shanabruch is an aquatic biologist and active member of the Reedy Creek Coalition. In his free time, he cultivates a beautiful biodiverse native garden on his property. He recently started a small business, Reedy Creek Environmental, devoted to watershed restoration through the use of native plants of local ecotype, education, and resource assessments.