Hand Drawn Animation Class

|| Tuesday – July 28th – 11AM – 2PM || Donation based

Learn how to do it quickly and easily. Work at your own pace in class or at home. Check-in to learn how to animate, submit frames, participate in class activities such as viewings and technique discussions. Get help and to see your work at a public venue. This class is structured for ongoing teaching. The check in dates are staples that students can work around. Each class I will give a demo, help students, answer questions and explain the transformation, walk cycle and the animated short animations to any new comers.

(10) 05 microns, (20+) pencils, (20+) erasers, computer paper, some watercolor paper, watercolors. Light table. Markers, a few watercolor brushes and coloring tools.

Learn how to animate and create a transformation animation, walk cycle animation or a group animated short

11-17 years old or older if you have a passion to learn the craft

Meeting dates: Once a week for 5 weeks

About the Teacher:
Brian Gordon is a graduate of VCU’s Kinetic Imaging Department with a Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in stylistic and experimental 2D hand drawn animation. He has been doing animation and graphics work in the Richmond area including books, movies and various commercial projects.